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We are now accepting 
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Sacred Path Yoga ® 
Shorewood, IL 60404 phone: 815-545-5556
email:  info@sacredpathyoga.com
Sacred Path Yoga Classes
At Sacred Path Yoga, we take care to provide you with a safe transformational space in which to practice. You will be encouraged to explore your strengths and honor your limitations. These high quality classes are taught by highly qualified and certified teachers. We are here to help you as you develop your yoga practice and walk "your sacred path". 
New Students - One Month Unlimited $54
Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay $120
Single Class - $17
5 Class Package - $80
10 Class Package - $140 
(Packages expire in 6 months)
Corporate Classes, Private Instruction and 
Kid's Yoga priced separately

Check Live Schedule for more pricing options & 
Grand Opening Specials 

“Seek the path… that demands your whole being.” - Rumi
Slow Flow Vinyasa
This all level flowing class will energize and rejuvenate. It is a Vinyasa Flow taught at a slower rhythm and pace to allow for going deeper. Vinyasa means "breath synchronized movement", and you will be guided to move or "flow" from one pose to another on the breath. This class will build heat and stamina through the flowing sequences, while using a pace with grace that will release the mind into a moving meditation and open the heart. Through the more muscular and active yang form of yoga, the student's body, mind, and spirit will be prepared to fully surrender to the more passive yin practice allowing for deep relaxation. By incorporating both yin and yang forms of yoga into one practice, the student can leave balanced and in a fully harmonized state of well-being.

Vinyasa Flow for the Core
Learn to move from center. This class focuses on all the muscles of the core, including those less visible and more powerful, helping you to create strong and supple abs. As your core strengthens, you become more stable and grounded, and create a solid foundation on which to build your practice. When you are connected to your core, you feel the source of your own inner power and strength... and that translates into more confidence... and a genuine sense of ease in your own body.

A beautiful blend of even slower, Slow Flow Vinyasa, mixed with even more Yin yoga. This is a deeply meditative practice with a Bhakti (devotional) influence. More information coming soon!

A practice in stillness through long passive holds, allowing the body to increase flexibility, regenerate joints, and improve ranges of motion.  This practice will challenge your capacity to "be still and know" and allow your mind to settle in for deep meditation. More information coming soon!
This practice allows you to let go of the stresses of everyday life—including the need to do things right and the constant pressure to improve or to achieve. The guiding principle of restorative yoga is that support creates release. Every pose is a variation on that theme, and the aim of each pose is the same: relaxation. This practice will allow you to calm your nervous system and nurture your inner self with fully supported regenerating yoga postures. You will be lead through classic restorative yoga poses that create gentle openings, and facilitate bringing the body back in to its natural alignment and harmony. Come prepared to allow your body to receive the support it needs in each pose, and allow your muscles to relax and open. This will encourage the release of tension and stored up toxins that can cause illness and disease. This is definitely a practice for all…. 

Corporate Yoga Classes
Custom tailored classes brought to you on site for the convenience of your 
workforce. Increase employee morale and productivity with a yoga lunch 
break.  More info coming soon!

Kids Yoga ( 3-7 ) Coming Soon!​ 
Kids Yoga develops strength, balance and coordination of both body and 
mind as well as uniting flexibility and coordination.   Students improve 
focus and build self esteem. More info coming soon!             click here  >>>>>

Kids Yoga ( 8-12 ) Coming Soon!
Kids Yoga develops strength, balance and coordination of both body and 
mind as well as uniting flexibility and coordination. Students improve 
focus and build self esteem. More info coming soon!              click here  >>>>>
Sacred Path Yoga ® 
Private Location, Shorewood, IL 60404 phone: 815-545-5556
email:  info@sacredpathyoga.com
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We are now accepting 
all major credit cards.